Float launches an innovative funding alternative for Nordic recurring-revenue businesses

Float launches a new way of funding for Nordic SaaS and other subscription businesses called Capital-as-a-Service (CaaS) that challenges traditional banking and complements equity funding from VCs.

Every year, hundreds of promising SaaS startups are launched in the Nordics. The most common struggle as they accelerate: getting the essential funding to grow their businesses. But banks usually don’t provide capital to growing businesses unless they are profitable. So, they rely on venture capital, meaning founders and shareholders get diluted by typically 20% every 12-18 months. To solve that, Float has reinvented the concept of Capital-as-a-Service and offers a flexible and transparent funding option for recurring-revenue businesses that allows founders to get non-dilutive capital in less than 48 hours.

Cedric Nots, co-founder and CEO of Float, comments on the company's mission to revolutionize funding for subscription businesses, “We strongly believe that SaaS founders deserve a better way of funding. Traditional financing alternatives like debt and equity require tedious manual processes and often lead to unfavorable results. Our goal is to digitize the funding experience and offer a fast and flexible credit alternative for founders to stay in the driver's seat and to focus on their core business growth.”

In the last few months, Float has successfully been piloting the business model together with SaaS entrepreneurs and refined its credit risk algorithms. After completing one of Sweden’s largest pre-seed rounds using WISE convertibles, the team is now scaling up its funding using financial KPIs accessed seamlessly through APIs. Growing SaaS and other subscription businesses from the Nordics can get funded with amounts from 500K SEK to 30M SEK. 

“I have experienced first-hand how hard it can be for scale-ups to apply for credit - it takes a lot of time with an uncertain outcome. So it feels fantastic to empower other founders to invest in growth or minimize dilution by postponing their next equity round”,  comments Jannis Koehn, co-founder of Float.

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