Custom growth loans for your business

We offer flexible loans that work like a credit line – it grows with you. The best part, you only pay for what you use.

Funding when you want

As much as you need, when you need it
Fixed interest paid in full at start, monthly repayments on your custom terms
No availability fees, hidden charges or scary surprises

Custom repayment schedule

Choose repayment terms between 6-15 months
Optional 3 or 6 months without needing to do any repayments
No exchange rate risk. Receive cash in your local currency.

Additional funding at your fingertips

Similar to a credit line, you can get more loans as you go without a new credit application
No cost for holding the credit line, you will only pay interest for the loans you draw
Customize each loan individually

Growing credit as your ARR grows

Credit limit equals 70% of your ARR
As you grow your improved rating will give better terms
Pay-out to your bank account within a few days

Full control over your funding

Find all documentation in one place
Keep track of available credit and upcoming payments
Sign the contract digitally on the go

Who do we fund?

SaaS and other subscription businesses
12+ months of revenue history
Revenue growth >20% year-over-year
Annual recurring revenue of 50k–5M+ EUR

Create your account

Sign up and get an accurate credit offer without any commitments.

Connect your financials

Financial info needed to assess your credit rating is secure with us. NDA option available.

Get credit offer

Within 72h after connecting your data we will get back to you with an offer.

Receive your funding

After configuring your first loan you will receive your funding within a few days.

Building a business takes time. Funding should not.