Frequently asked questions

What does Float have to offer?

Float provides non-dilutive capital to SaaS and other subscription businesses as an alternative way of funding their growth.

How does it work?

Our funding is all-digital, fast, and flexible. European SaaS businesses and other companies with recurring revenues can get started by signing up in less than 3 minutes and sync their KPIs in a few clicks. After data submission, you will receive a credit offer within 72 hours. Then you simply choose how much funding to take, and when.

What kind of businesses does Float fund?

Float funds SaaS and subscription businesses based in Europe. But if you are from Europe and have recurring revenues, we would love to talk!


What is required to qualify for getting funding from Float?

You are required to have:

  • Recurring revenues

  • 12+ months of revenue history

  • Annual growth rate >20%

  • Annual Recurring Revenue of 50k–5M+

Why would companies use Float?

Most of our SaaS clients want to invest in growth, for example, invest in Sales & Marketing with a known ROI. Several others use Float to extend their runway and minimize dilution from Venture Capital rounds. But some wish to bootstrap their growth journey and yet others bridge a temporary cash gap.


Is Float regulated?

Float is registered with the Swedish financial authorities and has servers in the EU. 

How much funding can I get from Float?

We can fund up to 70% of your ARR depending on the performance of your company. We recommend submitting all the required data to get a better rating. A better rating entails higher loan amounts and lowers interest

Can I apply for more funding in the future?

Yes, you can apply for more funding.

When you get funded by Float, you get a credit line. You can draw as much as you want when you want it. Once you have reached your credit limit, you can request more. 

How do I get started with Float?

We have an all-digital process for applying for a loan. You can get started by signing up. After creating the account, follow the steps to sync your data.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us.

How do I submit data?

Login to your Float account, where you will find the options to upload or connect the data. You can either connect with your existing systems with a click or upload the data manually. 


What types of data does Float collect?

Float collects data via APIs to perform a risk assessment and analyze your credit limit. We strongly recommend syncing all data points to get a better valuation. The quality of the data determines how much funding you can get.
We collect,
- Accounting data
- Financial data
- Subscription data

What happens after I submit my data?

Once you have submitted all the required data, we will configure your credit offer. After agreeing on terms you will receive funding within days.


What is my credit offer based on?

Your credit offer is based on the performance of your company.


How long does it take to get capital in my bank account?

Once you have submitted the data, we make our credit decisions in 24-48 hours. You'll have your money in the bank the day after.

How does the repayment structure work?

Float offers flexible repayment terms to choose between 6-15 months, with or without 3 months of a grace period. You will repay in monthly installments based on your repayment schedule. 

You can find your repayment schedule in your dashboard including the payment date, payment amount, and outstanding amount. 

Once I have requested a credit, can I change or cancel it?

Yes, after requesting a credit you can change or cancel it. To make changes to the submission, upload the new data and we will update the offer based on that. 

If you want to cancel it, please contact us

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