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Funding as convenient as a SaaS product.
We call it Capital-as-a-Service.

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Boost your growth

Invest in product & marketing to grow faster

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Extend your runway

Defer your next fundraising to achieve a higher valuation

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Build a bridge

Close a temporary liquidity gap

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Leverage your equity

Mix debt with VC equity to remain capital-efficient

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Create a buffer

Ensure peace of mind with sufficient cash in the bank account

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Invest in profitability

Implement cost savings that require a cash-out


“Float has been of great help for me as a founder to cover cash flow gaps. I’ve had a great experience and would highly recommend Float.”

Siam Choudhury | CEO

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“We were planning to sell shares of the company to fund our growth, but instead, we went with Float and received a non-dilutive credit line. This helped us to extend our runway, as a result, we increased our valuation for the next equity round.”

Anni Mowlid | Co-founder

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We are all about clarity, simplicity and transparency. So that you can focus on growing your business.

How long does it take to get funded?

We take our credit decisions in 24-48 hours. You'll have your money in the bank the day after.

What is needed to apply for funding?

It's super simple: Connect your company's bank account and accounting software. And it's all thanks to BankID. We will then analyze your financials and make you a funding offer.

What kind of companies use Float?

We focus on Nordic SaaS and other subscription businesses. But if you are from Europe and have recurring revenues, we would love to talk!

Why do companies use Float?

Most of our SaaS clients want to extend their runway and minimize dilution from Venture Capital rounds. But some wish to bootstrap their growth journey and yet others bridge a temporary cash gap.

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