Capital-as-a-Service (CaaS): Innovative funding built for SaaS

In the dynamic world of technology, innovation never sleeps. As Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) continues to redefine how businesses operate and deliver value to customers, another groundbreaking concept emerges to complement it: Capital-as-a-Service (CaaS).

Imagine a seamless funding solution tailored specifically for SaaS companies - that's the vision behind Float’s CaaS for SaaS. Just as SaaS companies prioritize user experience, Float brings an all-digital and user-friendly approach to funding. It's easy, simple, and flexible – characteristics that resonate deeply with the ethos of the SaaS businesses.

Traditionally, securing capital for SaaS has been tough. The usual funding methods don't always fit the unique needs of SaaS companies. That's where Float's innovative CaaS (Capital-as-a-Service) model comes in to make things easier. By providing customizable financial solutions designed for SaaS businesses, Float bridges the gap between traditional funding avenues and the evolving requirements of the industry, empowering SaaS companies to thrive in today's competitive market landscape.

Here's what Float’s Capital-as-a-Service brings:


Customizable approach

SaaS businesses come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique requirements. Float's CaaS model offers a tailored solution for your specific use case. You can use Float’s capital to boost growth, extend the runway, build a bridge, invest in profitability, create a buffer, leverage equity, or any other situation you may have. Whether you want to hire more people, invest in marketing or product development, or avoid raising multiple funding rounds for growth and getting diluted often, Float ensures that SaaS companies have the flexibility they need to thrive.



Seamless onboarding

Float's all-digital funding creates a smooth and personalized experience for SaaS companies by integrating seamlessly with the SaaS ecosystem. You don't have to deal with heavy paperwork, pitch decks, or long waits for approval. Everything, from signing up to getting funded, is designed to align with the fast-paced nature of the SaaS industry. Sign up, connect the financials, apply for credit with a few clicks, and within a few days, you'll have the capital you need in your bank account.



Flexibility and scalability

SaaS companies operate in a dynamic environment where flexibility and scalability are essential for success. Float's CaaS model recognizes this reality, offering funding solutions that adapt to the business's needs. It operates like a credit line, allowing you to take out loans as necessary. You can customize each loan to fit your current needs. Plus, you only pay a fixed discount rate on the credit you actually use. As your ARR grows, so does your credit limit, ensuring access to the capital needed for consistent growth and staying ahead of the curve.



Empowering innovators

At its core, CaaS for SaaS is about empowering innovation. By providing access to flexible funding solutions, Float enables SaaS entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best – innovating and delivering value to customers. Whether it's pioneering new features, entering new markets, or exploring disruptive technologies, Float's CaaS model fuels the engines of innovation within the SaaS ecosystem.



As we move forward in the digital age, the blending of SaaS and CaaS marks a big change in how businesses get money. With Float leading the way, it's now easier for SaaS companies to get the funds they need to keep the momentum going. This means they can plan their funding smartly, scaling up efficiently without constantly giving away ownership and control. By using Float's CaaS strategically, they can make the most of both equity and debt funding options.

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